Giraffes in Culture

Giraffes in Culture

Giraffes in Popular Culture

Due to the rare physical appearance of the giraffe they have been found throughout popular culture for a very long time. One of the earliest recordings of this is in reference to a giraffe being successfully transported from Africa to a zoo in China in the early 1400’s. Before that though there were cavemen around Africa that were very impressed by them. They were often depicted in various drawings in caves and shown to be held in high regard by these people.

There are many paintings and illustrations of the giraffe found all over Africa. The heritage of this particular animal was found there and continues to be the only place in the world that they still freely roam in the wild. Many found the giraffe to be a symbol of uniqueness which is something that they wanted to offer to their own cultures.

In fact, it is the African culture that has the most respect for the giraffe. They are the ones that are out there with the heritage and links back to the earlier days of when these animals were considered to be magically and also something that the people viewed as very different from those around them. Today the people of Africa get lumped into one category but there are many villages and cultures there. Some of them have the utmost respect for the Giraffe while others have no problem with killing it for their own needs.

What do you give a King that already has everything? In early 19th century, Charles X of France was given a giraffe by leaders of Egypt. He loved this animal and it was a something he fondly showed his guests for a period of 18 years. At that time the ability to see one in person was very limited and so people felt this was a special honor. His palace featured many paintings of his beloved giraffe and he often referred to it as one of the best gifts he had ever received.

Many books especially for children use the giraffe as a great way to get them to feel good about themselves. It is common for children to feel uncomfortable they are different from others. For example when a child doesn’t look the same color or is taller than others. The giraffe is the perfect animal to help them see that every creature out there is wonderful no matter what they happen to look like. The fact that make early accounts of the giraffe talk about it being awkward helps to bring this type of story full circle.

Anyone with children is likely to know the fun loving giraffe called Geoffrey as he is the mascot for the giant known as Toys R Us. He has a delightful voice and the toy store offers stories by him as well as stuffed giraffe toys that are huge sellers. Children can also be signed up to get a phone call from Geoffrey on their birthdays and around Christmas time if parents provide that information.

Many advertisers like to use the giraffe too as a form of promoting their business. They know it is animal that gets attention and that stands out as being unique. They want to offer that same thing to their customers. The giraffe has a gentle natural to it as well so people don’t really associate it with a wild animal.

You will find that stuffed giraffes seem to have a great place in the hearts of people. They are often great gifts for children to play with. You will find them in a variety of sizes as many of them are several feet tall. You can find such collectibles online, at toy stores, and even in zoo gift shops.